Becoming My Best Friend

In this strange cocoon I’m stuck in it can be a training ground for my new life. I can nurture and cultivate a 2.0 version of myself.

This cocoon can give me tools for the future. It may be hard sometimes, but it can be my favorite project. I can be my favorite project.

I can delight in discovering new skills and ways that I like to be. I can find things that I like to do. I can laugh at my burnt meals. I can be grateful for fifth chances and seventh chances to get better at loving the simple things. I can be grateful for a myriad of do-overs to continue loving myself.

I can listen to my body when it wants more rest and when it needs activity, both don’t need to be strenuous. I can make my space beautiful and one I feel happy in. “Home is the consciousness of good.” So I can find that good in my environment and in myself.

When the world opens and humans go back to living more out loud than I can emerge with stories of my life quarantined in a nursing home. I can share my crazy journey and rejoice in the steps it took to become my best friend!

Photo credit to my sister Felicity Foster.

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