The Battle of Entities

“Love me as I am”, whispers the heart as the world continues to clamor on.

Intricacies of the human heart, mind and society keeps us from getting our deep desires met. The heart begins to feel suffocated, but society feels overpowering to the heart, so the mind tries to pick up the slack. However, it breaks under the pressure.

Now what? We can’t stop to fix it. We have no time to heal so we march on. Society gives us a stamp of approval.

Yet the heart continues to whisper and cry, “Love me as I am.”

“Sorry. Nope.” Society argues, “Get back in line!”

So we do, but the mind can’t handle the hurt of inauthenticity. Anxiety ensues. It sweats. It pulls its hair and breaks out with bad acne. It curls up in a fetal position and fails to self-soothe.

The heart gives up. Sinking into depression it melts into a puddle and cries for weeks. “I tried”, it weeps, “I was screaming my head off but everyone is so fucking loud they can’t hear me!”

Society is stubborn to a fault. It is blinded by the obsession of trying to keep a reputation of morality that it ends up forgetting the importance of the needs of the individual. Society slams absolutes and strict rules on the table. “Follow these just as they are written and you just might survive.” It sends the mind and heart on their way but it’s blind to the subtext. What it doesn’t hear is the yearning of the heart and the desperation of the mind. Why would it see that? Society doesn’t care. As long as everyone keeps moving and pretending to function then all is right in its world. Society is a creature of habit and tradition. Heaven forbid it breaks its habits, traditions, and tries to see beyond its narrow view, then it could shatter. Society is deathly afraid of this so it sticks to protocol.

What could disrupt this protocol and break society? The individual that has mind and heart connected, which allows them to stand firmly on their feet. This individual is not afraid to get right in society’s face and say, “This is why I deserve to be here. I don’t need you to function, but please love me as I am because I’m not going to conform to your flimsy standards!”

Crack goes the glass heart of society…

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  1. Sometimes, over time, maybe with age, society let’s it’s barriers and moulds crack and slowly learns to love as you are.

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