My Artful Heart

I am grounded in creation. “Art” rhymes with “heart”. There’s heart in art. It’s in the word. I am an artful heart, mind, and soul. Nothing can take that away from me.

Those that love me fully will know that. Creation fueled from the myriad of thought and feeling pumps through my veins.

I am grounded in creation. I must create. Like the kindling of a fire creation keeps me going.

Without creation my soul is lost, my heart doesn’t beat, and my mind can’t find a hand hold to scale the wall to the next moment. My mind struggles to navigate the world. The world feels off kilter and I feel strange in it. I start to feel wrong in my own skin.

Those that encourage my kind of creation are sweet gifts shining under the twinkling tree. They are the softly falling snow that blankets the ground. Those that understand that I must make and create are the gentle glow of the sun as it sparkles over the ocean. I am tethered to myself, my life and the world when I create. Those that are impacted by what I share help me tighten the knot. Thank you!

Published by fosteringcreation

I'm a writer, performer, and creative person. This is my official blog, and I hope that it inspires others!

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