L.A. Love Affair

California. The Golden State. Los Angeles. The land of new beginnings and abundant opportunity. The city of hope and discovery. The place where all those in search of a brighter tomorrow come to find their calling, or to chase their dreams.

I step out the door for a walk around this new area. I see the city of Los Angeles poised in the distance. Every time I get a glimpse of that cityscape I think to myself, “I’m in the land of new beginnings!”

I take a breath. I ground myself in the awe-inspiring cityscape of L.A.

The sun sets with a kind of peaceful, majesty behind the tall buildings. Oh, Los Angeles, you’re gorgeous! I feel my heart well up with joy and my mind simmers on the idea that I live here. My mind rests on the idea that I have reached adulthood and I am living as such…and it’s like nothing I ever pictured.

Hope, peace, love, passion, wild joy, sweet freedom, fearless creation, discovery without sabotage, heartbreak to healing, wholesome health , independence, courage, confidence, life, peace, and a forever renewing person who is comfortable in her own skin are reflected in the L.A. cityscape as I walk back to my place of temporary residence.

Dear, beautiful, Los Angeles. I don’t know how but from the moment I landed here I can’t help but breathe. Your cityscape lights a fire in me and sets my heart at ease. Home, has always felt far away because I was always far away from my family. Now, that I’m here I’m discovering that I am home in my skin. I am home in creation, in art, and that is the deepest love I can give to you…and the world. I look at your cityscape glowing in the sunset and I think, “How did I get here? This is amazing!” Los Angeles, you make feel all kinds of wonderful. While I haven’t found a place to reside I feel so at home looking at you!

As I walk down the sidewalk smelling the jasmine that wafts through the air, feeling the subtle heat in the breeze and admiring your lovely buildings that stretch above the horizon I feel every fiber of my being tingle. My heart beats vigorously and yet is totally at peace. My mind feels like a dog chasing his tail and yet is steadfast in confidence that I am in my right place.

I am in my right place, at home in my skin, and grateful for my newfound life as full-fledged adult! This chapter of my life will be a splendid love affair to remember! I thank you in advance! Look out, Los Angeles! I’m going to take you by storm!

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