The Chrysler Building

There’s a storm coming. The storm rolls in quickly and with vigor. Dark clouds that are nearly purple roll through the grey sky. The storm gets bigger.

The Chrysler Building sitting tall and proud is oblivious to the storm brewing above. The other buildings start quaking in place. A few of the buildings try to warn their friend of what’s coming, but the Chrysler Building is not amused.

“I’m okay.” He tells his friends, “There’s nothing that could touch me.”

“But I think I see some lightening starting to form.” Says the building next door, “Be careful, buddy. Don’t be so proud.”

As the storm grows in intensity the Chrysler Building thought about pride. He is many stories high. He is sturdy and was carefully designed. “What’s the matter with being proud?” He asked.

“It could get you into trouble” Said the building to his left.

“Yes, being too proud could get you hurt”, his friend to the right agreed, “There’s a fine line between confident and overly prideful.”

The Chrysler Building didn’t understand. He thought he was rightfully prideful. He stood up straight, “Where did you guys get this hogwash?”

The friend next door said, “We talk to the clouds on occasion. We like to hear the weather forecast directly from the source and today’s forecast is because of you.”

“Really?” The Chrysler Building stood taller and spoke directly to the storm, “HEY! Yeah, clouds I’m talking to you! What’s the big idea going around filling their heads with dumb stuff like being too prideful?”

The purple clouds swirled around the Chrysler Building. A crack of thunder taunted the city. The other buildings quaked even more.

“You got a problem with someone that feels good about themselves? If so, I think that’s just stupid. Why don’t you quit swirling around like an egghead and come…”

CRACK! CRACK! ZAP! A dark streak of lightening hit the top of the Chrysler Building with such force that all power was whipped out immediately.

“Ouch…” Crocked the Chrysler Building, “Okay, I get it.”

“Do you?” Asked the friend next door


“Do tell what you’ve learned” His friend to the left said

Feeling pain in every nook and cranny of his structure, and very embarrassed he explained, “Well…I learned that while I can be happy with myself. There’s no need to boast and get too cocky, or else you’ll be toast.”

The storm clears slowly and the city laughed. The Chrysler Building learned to stand tall in modesty from that day forward.

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