Renewing Colors

I come back and renew each day. Small pieces of myself fall away and come back brighter. Like refurbished stained glass my colors get stronger and bolder.

Growth is beautiful and hellacious at the same time, but in the end it’s a gorgeous renewal process. It breathes life into the heart of who we are, our truth and the good of what gives us our abundant spirit!

Thank God for that! Thank God I can grow and come back. Thank God hell doesn’t last and heaven shows its face through the fire. Thank God good is bigger than bad. Thank God I can’t stay stuck forever. Thank God I don’t have to grow alone. Thank God love persists through the smoke.

What feels grueling in the moment, in the end, becomes soft like silk. Then it fades like dust in the wind.

The voices of shame, hurt, anger and discomfort show up with gridded teeth and pierce through your heart of hearts to convince you that you’ll never survive the darkness. In the eye of the storm instinct becomes the voice of reason to remind you to press on. And with that we survive! The harsh peanut gallery of voices falls like a broken wall and we rise above the storm.

Thank God for that! Thank God I can come back! Thank God I survive the storm. Thank God the fires of hell die away. Thank God love persists through the smoke. Thank God we can’t stay stuck forever.

Beauty and grace I love you. Heart and soul we need you. Keep going. Love you are strength. Thank you for holding on like a vice grip. Thank God I can come back!

I love to return to the land of the living. My wings are not meant to be buried forever! Thank God I come back. Thank God my colors renew.

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