Jungle Transformation

Transform and transform and transform. Evolve and evolve and evolve. Release. Breathe, release and repeat. Then sit back and let the smile slowly broaden and brighten.

Let the body relax until it can function as it naturally and innately was meant to function and to be. Let it be.

As you grew up hearing, “Don’t force parts”. Now, it is time to practice. The practice doesn’t require much doing or anything impressive. But release, allow, let. And then. Transform, transform and transform. Evolve. Turn over new leafs each moment and each day. The glow of love will work its way out in time, as long as you don’t stop.

Keep moving forward in thought, and activity. Balance will come in time. Let it work on you and come to you. “Don’t force parts.” Just let expansion happen. Try not to contract, though the urge will be strong, you know it will not serve in any way. Curling up in a ball does nothing.

So, heart, take the wheel. Don’t forget to check in with the body and don’t let go of Divine Mind. Tell your mind to trust you, the heart, and Divine Mind.

We are heading into a vast and wild jungle, but transformation is the bold light on the other side. So let’s go!

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