Hello followers! I’m a writer, as you know, but I’m also a performer. I’d love any contribution you can give to this new gofundme page. My one person show that I hope to put up in Los Angeles this coming October, is a show that is close to my heart. I wrote it and I perform it. It’s called Walking In Their Shoes and I look forward to sharing it with whoever is interested in watching it, listening to the stories I’ve created and connecting with humankind.

Those that are in the Los Angeles, California area, who are interested in attending the show and have contributed money to the gofundme page will get a free ticket! All money that goes into the page will be used for the theatre space and other expenses related to the show. I appreciate anything you can give!

Stay tuned for future pieces of writing and updates on this show! Thank you all for your support! Cheers!

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