New Segment: Did You Know?

For over a decade I have been trying to understand myself and purge all that does not belong to me. This blog became my saving grace. I started this blog September 2019 just after I graduated from college. It was a place that allowed me to process myself, but also safely share what I observed in the world and my creative writing ability. I have been grateful for the small following on this blog that has allowed me to be myself, and write what Divine Inspiration encouraged me to write. Now that I am becoming clearer in who I am as a person and as a writer, this blog will now offer new content.

Perhaps some of the old kind of writing might weave itself through this blog, but I’m going to try something new. Each week I will be doing a piece called “Did You Know?” Each one will feature a different person that I will do research on and write about them in my own words. Many of these people that I will be researching are ones that I have quoted on this blog. Such as, Glennon Doyle, Maya Angelou, Marianne Williamson, Kim McMillen, Rumi, Rainer Maria Rilke, Elia Kazan and many more! I look forward to bringing this new segment to the Fostering Creation Blog!

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One thought on “New Segment: Did You Know?

  1. Barbara,
    Thank you for having the courage to write about your journey. It has inspired me to write about my own story. Thank you for being my inspiration. I am looking forward to reading your ‘Did you know’ articles.
    Much gratitude,

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