Love the Kaleidoscope

The world isn’t “one size fits all”. Did you know that?

The world is a kaleidoscope of colorful people, beautiful things, and a sea of foods for the palate. All of these varieties allow individuals to pick what they like, who they want to be and what feels good to them in each moment.

It’s a very nice thing to have variety, but somehow we forget about it. The world isn’t “one size fits all”. Why do we try so hard to make it so?

Preferences. Everyone has preferences and that is very good because they are taking care of themselves. These preferences make up who they are. It does not confine them. It allows them to expand into who they naturally are. That is beautiful.

This world is not “one size fits all” no matter how hard we try. To say that “one size fits all” puts someone into a box that is uncomfortable and not right for them. Allowing for preferences to be chosen and shared gives a much needed breath to our beautiful kaleidoscope selves and the lovely kaleidoscope that is our world.

Love the kaleidoscope!

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