Sacred Life

There’s a sacredness to life. Silence coupled with the unknown gives life its sacred feel.

This can scare us and scare us often. We have a deep desire to always know what’s next. We crave to have outside sources validate us. It’s tricky to slow down, to jump off the moving crosswalk and be still. It’s more challenging to stay still and be in silence.

We struggle to let the unknown happen. We fear that it will come at us like a high-speed train. But what if the unknown emerges gently like sunlight through a window? Life is made more beautiful by this silent, unknown sacredness.

From this kind of sacredness we are forced to be utterly vulnerable and trust. This can scare us too. But vulnerability is a necessary part of accepting life’s beautiful sacredness. Vulnerability connects us to our innate humanity.

Let vulnerability happen. Beautiful, colorful life is waiting for you. All you have to do is open your heart and soul to it.

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One thought on “Sacred Life

  1. Really appreciated the way you opened the idea of vulnerability. I resonant with that. My scared is “ am I enough and will I please. Ugggh. Here we are, God. Thank you for Your unrelenting love

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