Surrender to where life goes. They say, “follow your heart.” How about instead you surrender to your heart.

Let your heart go, like a boomerang. It might come back broken, but at least you tried. Then get up and try again.

Surrender to life. It can be exciting. The butterfly feelings, the new projects, the exploration of one’s self, the opportunity to see beauty in every heartbreak and then to come back stronger.

Surrender to all of it. Some days may feel like a slog, like trudging through molasses, but it can still be beautiful. Because life is beautiful. The ordinary grind can blossom into something extraordinary. You just have to invest in the grind. Do the work. Take that one step. Then find the next stone and enjoy the climb.

As you climb you may look back and feel like you’re not getting anywhere. Surrender to that feeling. Embrace the state of limbo, the unknown. Surrender to all of it.

Photo by: Grace Foster

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