One heart. One heart that works to build itself up each day. One heart that tries to shine and glow. One heart that finds a way to beat, and give off heat despite what the world might shout. One heart that keeps going despite what the mind takes on, and takes out on the heart. One heart that grows stronger each day. One heart that stays true to itself. One heart that is always complete.

This heart will then love another one day. This heart will find a partner, a mate, that will echo its desires. This heart will love so deeply and purely one day. This heart will feel love so deeply and completely one day. This heart will be able to glow twice as bright. This heart will shine like a hot ray of light. This heart will give openly. This heart will be supported one day. This heart will be humble, wholesome, and grateful. This heart will find passion, and trust. This heart will understand reality in a new way. This heart will love the magic of reality. This heart will be grounded in the world and in love.

Two hearts will unite. These two hearts will bond like a braid. They will weave a colorful blanket with the relationship they create. These two hearts will paint rainbows with their love. They will craft, shape, and sculpt over dark clouds, through skyscrapers, and under flaming bridges. These two hearts will build walls, and break them down together. These two hearts will never stop creating, and solving together. They will march into hardship and stumble into beauty hand in hand. They will fear nothing. Though fear may try to knock them down, though anger may try to bite, and sadness may try to shake them, there will always be one heart to pick the other up. These two hearts will confide in each other. These two hearts will laugh freely, live authentically, and love passionately. These two hearts will be the kiss of life for each other. They will balance each other and be unbreakable together. Love will be their foundation, courage will be what they strive for, and joy will be where they rest. These two hearts will find peace together. These two hearts will liquify the darkness and with their love they will pour out gorgeous beauty.

One heart can survive alone because she finds home within. Two hearts will thrive together because they will spark united growth forever.

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  1. I read your blog today. A heart both yearning, discerning and aware.
    Deep breath. Thanks for the window into your hearts desire

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