The Loss of Time

Sometimes time seems to move as fast. Sometimes time seems to move as slowly. Sometimes time seems to stand still. It moves too fast during the good stuff. It moves too slow when things are going poorly or when things get rough. Then there’s that awkward in between state. When life, or the day, feels just okay, and time seems to stand still.

The childish side of you aches for time to move just a little, but the mature, parental side of yourself affirms, “No. We don’t need it to do anything. We are okay in this moment.”

The childish side has something to say about that! They put their hands on their hips, look up at the parent, and say, “No, we aren’t! I have things to do, people to see, stores to go to, food to get because nothing is good here, and life that needs to be lived! I mean, just look at my to do list. It’s not going to do itself!”

The parent smirks. “All is well.” They take a breath. “You are enough in this moment and this moment is enough for you.” The parent speaks deliberately and softly.

A peaceful hush sets over the room and the child.

The child looks at the parent in awe. Then they look around the room, as if to look inside themself. The child notice’s the room feels different and they feel more at ease in their skin. Time is no longer working on them. Time has lost this power because the child has gained theirs.

The parent can see their advice was useful for their little darling.

The myriad of emotions settles inside the child like puzzle pieces clicking into place. From no order to alignment, the internal puzzle has become whole.

The child asses the room again then returns their gaze on the parent.

The parent repeats, “You are enough in this moment and this moment is enough for you.”

A warm light flickers in the child’s eyes and they breathe in the moment. Then they go forward in peace.

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