What Do You Do?

When your soul is screaming what do you do? How do you cope? Do you let it pass in private? Or do you cry for help? If you cry for help does it work? Do you get acknowledgement? Or do you end up feeling invisible?

When your heart is pumping so fast that it almost beats out of your chest what do you do? Do you take some deep breaths and trust that all is good? Or do you grab your best friend? What if you don’t have a best friend? Do you ask to speak with your mother or sister? What about your brother or your father? Do they listen? Do they know how your heart works and do they hold it with care?

When your mind is breaking down what do you do? Do you turn to the solitude of your craft and create until your bones are tired? Or do you take your heavy head to therapy? Does it do anything? Does the therapist make you feel empowered even though you might be broker than broke?

When you feel like a fucking waste of space what do you do? How do you heal? Do you ever heal? God only knows, I guess?

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3 thoughts on “What Do You Do?

  1. I write, play sports, run and just acknowledge the emotions. Then I do something homely, challenging, creative, or fun to express these emotions in a more creative way. Then I continue with life, and head towards my higher goal. Much love to your honesty.

  2. These are powerful questions! I certainly don’t have answers, but I’m grateful for the art (writing, dance, theatre, music, poetry) that gives voice to our wrestlings.

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