Dear World: An Artistic Letter

“See me!” says the world.

“Love me with all your heart!” says the world.

“How do I get it?” asks the Ego, “What I get isn’t good enough and it doesn’t last. I need something more. I need to feel like it’s okay I have a heartbeat”, it says.

To breathe in this big, fast-paced world seems to be embarrassing and uncalled for. It’s a challenge to catch one’s breath and when one does catch their breath it is as if someone or something sucker-punches it out of them.

Everyone is passive-aggressively begging, pleading, and scraping for attention and love. Social media is the biggest, fastest, and easiest avenue to get some semblance of attention.

“I’m sick and it sucks!” someone can easily write. Then all their friends can write back with well wishes.

“I’m depressed and life is no fun!” someone can easily write and all their friends can send heartfelt comments.

But some, perhaps most, don’t get what they need. So the begging continues.

“See me!” says the world.

“Love me with all your heart!” It begs.

“How do I get it?” asks the Ego, “I need to feel good enough. Does love ever last?” It says.

Anxiety is intense mental overwhelm. Depression is intense emotional overwhelm. Both are signs that the person needs to live more authentically. The world isn’t helping them. The people they know are not available and they are too backed up to feel they can help themselves.

Unless they decide, “This is not my authentic self. This is not my authentic truth. I can be better. I want to be better. I can live to thrive. I no longer wish to practice dying. I want to live!”

Essentially that’s what we do, right? There’s an unconscious, universal thought that we all live to die. So the thought never crosses our minds that we are allowed to thrive!  

I want to find what makes my heartbeat so strongly that no earthly thought can deter it from moving me forward. I want to find refuge in my own breath that no human opinion can make me feel embarrassed or wrong for doing what comes naturally to me. If I have to live forever in isolation to get it then that’s ok! At least I’ll be able to connect to my Source without feeling like the world is in the way or that it clouds my sense of authenticity.

Dear world, you try, but maybe you try too hard. Maybe you push too much sometimes. Sometimes you’re too forceful and too loud and too stressed out. Maybe you are too afraid to look weak that you try to be strong, but it’s too hard to maintain so you begin to explode and implode at the same time. There’s never enough time to process anything and therefore never enough time to re-evaluate yourself. So you keep going with only half a tank of gas.

You burn the candle at both ends, but it’s fine because vulnerability is more frightening than listening to what you need, which is to fucking slow down and breathe. We need to get back in touch with ourselves and to listen to others without our own agendas getting in the way. That is what we, the world, desperately need!

BUT it’s going to take so much work. It’s going to take so much releasing and it’s going to take so much awareness. Dear world, you have to REALLY want it! And if I’m being honest, I’m not sure you can do it. Progress has been made, but one step takes about 100 years to complete. Each opinion contradicts the other. So, dear world, make a choice! What do you really want? Once you’ve decided, then unite more! Please!

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