God’s Masterpiece

The sunlight broke through the clouds one last time. Its rays surged through the sky. This form of sunlight contrasted with the stillness of the open field. Time stood still and a masterpiece that could only have been painted by God remained.

I stood alone in this open field that was filled with light and felt myself breathe. Life was my oxygen and all I had to do was allow it to fill me. Ego melted and beauty remained. The clouds seemed to roll in the light. Time stood still, but nature was in motion. Trumpets and soft violins made up the musical score for this masterpiece.

The world and my thoughts had taken on a stillness of their own. I listened to the musical score through the picture of peace that was painted in front of me. My feet planted on the path I felt God speak. “Everything will be okay, my dear. Everything is okay.” I took a breath. “Be here now” The picture of peace in front of me said. And so I was.

Nature moved me that night, not human will. For the first time I felt the ebb and flow of Mother Nature. This scene was the essence of harmony. Trees that stood firmly in the ground lined the field like pillars to a courtyard. The lush green grass stuck straight up like brush bristles and the light that broke through the soft clouds was the crown in the silky blue sky.

Nature took up it’s space with astounding glory. Nothing could compare. I felt small, and yet, I took up space. I felt the space I took up and it was enough. For the first time, the space I took up was enough. There was no war that raged inside. My heart did not ache. My mind did not whirl. My body was not tense. All was well. I was enough. The combination of the space that nature was naturally taking up and the space that I took up, in that moment, could only be described and summed up with a line from The Holy Bible. Genesis Chapter 1 verse 31, “And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” Everything. Yes, everything. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in and let peace be your smile.

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