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This is a story that I previously wrote before I decided to write a blog. It was inspired by the picture of the sunset that I took and a writing prompt “When I saw the sunset tonight…” Hope you enjoy!

The Sunset Tonight

When I saw the sunset tonight I felt like I could touch the sky. It glimmered and flickered and shined and I felt like I could be one with it. I felt at peace in the fire and ignited at the same time. I was crazy, I was wild, I was at home in myself and connected to my Maker. My heart was pumping with the bright, liquid red that the sun was spilling through the sky. That was the heat of love. My head was whirling with the delicious orange that was shining in the air. That was pure joy and contentment. My feet were dancing with the cotton candy pink clouds, the fiery yellow, and the warm breeze that circled through me and put the finishing touches on the gorgeous masterpiece that painted the sky.

When I saw the sunset tonight all rage and sadness fled from my being like wildfire. I could feel a full breath replace the negative. All I saw was good. It was as if God was saying, “My bright star, my dear child, don’t dismay. I promise everything will be alright. Trust in the brightness of Love. There is a bright future for you.”

When I saw the sunset tonight music was coursing through my veins. Passion was alive and well. Instead of dreaming about hearing “And the Oscar goes to…” I heard, “Thank you for your performance. I’m deeply touched.” Instead of imagining that I get a note in the mail that my book is on the bestseller list or “number one book in America.” I get a note that reads, “Dear Ms. Foster. I wanted to write to you and tell you how much this book means to me. It restored hope and goodness into my world that I never thought I’d have. Thank you.”

When I saw the sunset tonight it was as if I was looking at my insides. Every childlike desire that burned inside me was suddenly painted in the sky. Every color that was flickering inside was suddenly waving its banner through the air. I could see my passion, my power, my heart, my soul, and all I’m worth painted in the sky. I saw Freeing Beauty. The warm breeze gave me a big hug. It kissed my face and played with my hair. “Hello Freeing Beauty. I missed you.” Said the breeze and I in unison, as we laughed together. My soul was laughing, my heart was beaming, and my head was at peace with the world, and most importantly with itself.

When I saw the sunset tonight there was gratitude. There was wonder and awe. There was mystery, fantasy, a sense of hope, love, energy, and a kind of modern day real life magic that can only be seen and felt. I was deep in the throws of reality, and yet, lost in my own make believe world. Could this sky be real? Can these good feelings, this profound joy be real? Yes, it can. It was. The sky told me so just by being in front of me. It told me so because it was blowing it’s hot, majesty all over the sky and I was in love with it. And for that moment I was in love with the way things were. I didn’t get angry at the things that were not. I was in love with the stillness that I was experiencing in life. I was not feeling jealous of the hectic schedule I didn’t have. I was in love with who I was at that moment. I was not depressed by the perfect person I couldn’t be. Everything was beautiful and there was nothing else I wanted than to be enveloped in that big, gorgeous, radiating sky.

When I saw the sunset tonight Divine Inspiration wrapped me up in all Its glory and showed me how wonderful standing out can be. “No one is you and that is your power” Dave Grohl said. The sky seemed to remind me of that.

When I saw the sunset tonight I was grateful for the gift of life and nothing else had to be done, except to keep breathing.

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