Storms are often viewed as harsh. They can be dangerous and cause destruction. This can be true and very hard to deal with sometimes.

Storms often involve rain. Rain comes from a parting of clouds. Rain showers the earth and creates growth. Rain allows flowers to bloom, grass to become brighter, and soil to become rich for all the earth. Rain is good because it brings life.

Rain is an expression of life.

So, storms. While storms are harsh and might cause distress, or things to break, or loss, aren’t they part of life too? I think so.

Hard as it may be to grasp sometimes. Storms come and blow through harshly. But then what happens? New life grows and even flourishes. The aftermath of the storms might be very hard for our tender human hearts to take. There may be some rebuilding of our lives and possessions that we must embark on. Some things that were lost in the storm might not come back, but new life grows. Hearts get mended, families come together, trees grow back, and the sun breaks through the dark clouds once more.

All we can do when the storm begins is hold on. We must ride it out, embrace those around us, and know that this too shall pass. The harsh winds and thunder don’t last forever. And when the storm has reached a level of calm, we find some light. It may be faint at first, but nonetheless it is light. We grow, grow together, and become stronger. This is the brightest light that comes through the storm.

Resilience, courage, compassion, love, and emotional stability always make it through the storms. In time, we find each of these for ourselves and these attributes strengthen us for future storms. Storms are unavoidable. Sorry to say. Nature will always have storms, just like our lives do. But like children that imagine they are conquering a great beast, as they play in the rain. We can find this childlike spirit as the storm passes. It is not easy. It will be challenging sometimes, but soon the storms won’t be scary anymore.

Storms force us to evolve and this is an important part of life. So, do your best to embrace the storm. And if you can’t, that’s ok. Just find the people that you can go through the storm with. Soon you’ll be able to go through it on your own.

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