When I Am Seen

When I am seen I become unleashed joy. When I am seen I feel freedom.

When I am seen my heart can fill up with emotion and unapologetically feel ALL of it. When I am seen I can let my heart authentically express all my feelings.

When I am seen my mind can diligently write out all of its ideas with gratitude and joy. When I am seen my mind can share freely the dissertation of thoughtful ideas it has written and stored over many long years. When I am seen my mind can take that dissertation it has stored and begin to build something beautiful out of it.

When I am seen my body can be unbound. When I am seen my body can connect to my heart and my mind. When I am seen I can move effortlessly and dance unencumbered.

When I am seen I can celebrate the space I take up. When I am seen I am in alignment with myself and in the world. When I am seen goodness can be created and life can be lived to the fullest.

Thank you, friends! Thank you, dear friends, for seeing me. Thank you for seeing me when I fall out of alignment. Thank you for loving me into alignment and bringing me back home to myself.

It is a rare and powerful gift to be truly seen by another breathing soul. When you honestly and humbly give this gift of seeing another then the heart can open wide, the mind can rest completely, and the body can connect gracefully with the heart and mind. Then that aligned person can authentically live. They have been given profound permission to feel, think, move, and be without hiding.

It’s unfortunate how intensely we all hide and suppress ourselves. We are not meant to lose ourselves that much. But when one brave soul takes the time to see us, to really see our soul, it is an invitation and a gift. When we are seen it’s a beautiful invitation to unapologetically open up!

So, dear friends, thank you for this lovely gift. Thank you for seeing me!

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One thought on “When I Am Seen

  1. I do see you, Freeing Beauty. Thank you for putting this out there with such a texture that it invites us to see ourselves in it, or not. Perhaps seeing another is why we are here with others and not by ourselves. It is what we all get to do in order to truly connect. When we don’t do this, or forget to do this, we wilt. Thanks for offering this with gratitude to us all.

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