My Oasis

Be here now. Why is it so hard?

There is peace all around me. The house, the world, the evening is peaceful and still. The dogs rest close by as I sit on the porch. The sun quietly sets giving off gentle hints of pink, purple and orange. The breeze moves slowly, barely tickling the trees and the next door farm animals talk amongst themselves.

So why is it so hard to be here now?

“Breathe.” whispers the breeze, “Breathe.”

“I must go” The sun says, “But have no fear, little one. A new day will dawn soon!”

So I breathe and enjoy the last moments of light. I take in the springtime air and the fading colors in the sky. The silhouetted trees stand royally around this peaceful oasis. This beautiful oasis that constantly reminds me of Divine Spirit and is a lovely painting of power, grace, and the beauty of Divine Soul.

Though my mind buzzes like an active hive as I fight with my past self it is only a moment in time. Restless and unhappy I stepped out on the porch. I sat down, looked out at where I’m privileged to currently reside, my oasis, and suddenly the hive inside rested. I found myself here, and well.

Grateful for my oasis. Now time for a new moment.

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