Letter from Heart and Soul

Showered with love all your life and you couldn’t feel it because of the growing demon that became your mind.


Showered with love all your life, respected, admired, adored, and praised for just being you and you had no idea because your mind never stopped yelling at you for being you…and you let it happen. You let your mind talk. You let your mind talk AT YOU. You let every thought it came up with create your identity and you lost yourself to the thoughts at the same time.

Wow. Interesting. So what’s next? Will the battle continue? Will the peanut gallery of thought keep going? You know it’s up to you. Don’t let your mind decide this time. Take charge. Please take charge. You know you are already whole, and always have been. So fear not. Let love happen. Allow the showering of love, and respect from those you know happen. Be grateful for it. Feel honored. You are not beneath the respect you get. You are not unworthy of the love that is presented to you. Take it with grace because you have a Divine right to take up space. The Divine would never create a beloved child that was broken, or too small to exist. So be humbled by this, and grateful for the love you receive, especially from yourself.

This is no easy task. We know, but it is one that is vital. It is written in the Bible 8 times, “love thy neighbor as thyself.” 8 times it says, “love thy neighbor as thyself”. So how can you love those around you if you don’t love yourself, and your mind has given you every reason it can to convince you that love, respect even, is something that you can’t give to yourself? Of course you’ve never been able to feel the love others have given you since you’ve been so horribly disrespectful to yourself.


Keep breathing.

Don’t stop breathing.

It’s time to take charge. You want to take charge. Your mind has had a long enough term. It’s your turn now. Breathe. It’s your turn now. Breathe. Yes, it’s your turn now.

Starting right now.

You are enough.

Affectionately your friends,

Heart and Soul

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