Crawl. Crawl, if you need to. Creep and crawl, if you must, but by all means keep moving. Nature moves gradually through its process of growth and the results, the outcome of its growth is gorgeous. Why? Because it’s natural. Nature does and is ruled my nothing but Divine Intuition. The flowers, the sun, the creatures that walk the Earth, and the dirt that crunches under their feet is all working in one accord facilitated by Divine Order.

So naturally their innate blossoming and way of life is gorgeous. From one step, to the half inch of a pedal flowering, to a bird taking it’s first flight, and the sun shining on all of nature’s progress is without total disappointment, or downfall.  

Imagine if nature had a jealous streak and an ego like people do. Imagine if nature could speak their egotistical thoughts like people do. Flowers, animals, bodies of water, and all other walks of life would not flourish the way they do.

A budding flower turns to their fellow bud and says, “How come the roses are blossoming fully?! That’s not fair. They’ve had the sun way longer than I have! Of course they’re going to sprout faster than I am. Freaking roses, man! UGH!”

Or in the animal kingdom, a tiger sees a wild boar at the watering hole. She is upset that she can’t hunt like her siblings and takes it out on her neighbor. “Excuse me, pig?”

The wild boar corrects the tiger, “Me? I’m a wild boar.”

The tiger responds, “Whatever you are you’re not supposed to be here. Whether you’re a wild boar, a pig, or just a bore, it doesn’t matter. The watering hole is only for predators. So I would suggest going to find your own water. Preferably water that’s suitable for prey.” The wild boar leaves, feeling hurt. The tiger continues speaking, “If there was a prize for trash talking and throwing insults I’d be the champion. It’s too bad that skill doesn’t help with hunting; if it did that dumb wild boar would have been breakfast already. Oh, well…at least he won’t see me cry. I’m a sorry excuse for a tiger.”

Or, what if a turtle was going about its day. They were walking through their tank, trying to get from one end of the small enclosure to the other, “I can’t believe this! I’m trying as hard as I can, but my stupid short legs what let me go any faster. I feel like a loser. At least, no one can see me.”

Nature is incapable of this self-sabotage. It does not willingly self-destruct. Nature doesn’t struggle with feeling small, or insignificant, or fearful, or discontent. Nature does not feel unworthy, or unqualified to take up space. Nature does not overanalyze the space it takes up. It takes the space it needs to grow and nothing around it feels offended or gypped. Nature lives moment to moment. There’s no agenda, calendar or sense of time to deter it from what it naturally wants to do and from what it naturally is.

Gradual growth, as seen by nature, is often the most profound and long lasting way to grow and heal. So crawl, if you need to. Creep and crawl, if you must, but by all means keep moving. 

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