Slow but Steady

Nature blossoms slowly. It blooms on its own time. There may be a general timeline for a specific flower, but nothing can be specified. There can only be a prediction.

Nature gives humankind a good view, and perspective at how the only timeline that allows for the best results is God’s timeline.

In the Bible, Ecclesiastics 3:11 it reads, “He hath made every thing beautiful in his time”. This is how nature works. There’s an ease and a naturalness to the blooming process. It is impossible for a flower to force its way open before it is ready. No blade of grass could be pressured by another blade of grass to grow a certain amount. It’s highly unlikely that a tree feels discouraged when it grows to a certain height.

No, a tree can’t feel discouraged. It gets as tall as it needs to get and then it owns its height. Its thick trunk stretches up towards the sun. Its branches take the shape that they need to and the leaves stay on the branches as long as they need to. Then when the time is right the leaves change color and fall to the ground.

As spring begins to blossom, we humans are tucked in our cozy homes, like caterpillars in a cocoon, learning so many good things, even among all the hardships. Things time right now may seem like it’s moving at a snails pace, but it’s an important pace to go. Snails may be slow, but steadily they get to where they need to be.

Imagine, if snails got frustrated for moving so slowly?

“Oh, come on!” The snail might say to himself, “This is taking forever! Why can’t I move any faster? What’s the matter with me? I wish I had legs, or arms, or something so that I could move way faster than this. God messed up when He created me! Ugh, I feel so stupid.”

The snail wouldn’t get anywhere if he talked to himself like that. The snail would get very stuck and no progress would be made. Well, it’s a good thing snails don’t know how to self-deprecate. Instead, the snail moves at his own pace. He embraces each inch with care. One step, two steps, three steps at a time. One moment, another moment, and another moment. Each moment the snail encounters he has no choice but to embrace it, “til at last he finishes his course with joy”.

Let’s all practice being slow but steady like nature!

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