We Are Okay!

“Unloosing bonds of all captivity.” “Shepard wash them clean.”

This too shall pass. It must pass as all dark clouds pass.

Divine Love did not create a pandemic. Divine Mind did not create a pandemic. Divine Inspiration did not create a pandemic, and neither did Divine Soul.

Principle did not call the Court of Earth to order and create a pandemic. Divine Life did not create a pandemic, and neither did Spirit. Truth did not wake up one day to resign from Its profound position to create a pandemic. NO!

Divine Truth will always be steadfast in the truth. Divine Principle will always work closely with Truth to serve as a foundation for nothing but good. Therefore this Court of Earth will only be called to remember profound goodness and the unshakable law that goodness is light, not darkness.

Divine Life and Love could spread nothing but sweetness. They are the gratitude we have for our world, the thriving plants that come out each year, and every kind of weather that is shared over the Earth. Divine Love is in every expression of joy, every smile exchanged, and every emotional embrace.

Soul and Spirit could not do anything but be an innate expression of unencumbered freedom. Truth and Principle get expressed here. Love and Life get expressed here. Goodness has the opportunity to be expressed and shine its bright light all over the place when Soul and Spirit are working. And Soul and Spirit are always working! So thank you, Soul and Spirit!

Divine Mind has an important role, as all the synonyms have, but Divine Mind is the brain and It only knows how to think about truth. Divine Mind and Truth are really good friends. They know nothing about social distancing.

As Life and Love continue to spread Their wings, Divine Mind and Truth are deep in conversation about the power of good and how logic cannot he moved.

So if none of these, as part of the one Divine System, created a pandemic then what created it? How did this get started?

Fear, paranoia, anxiety, and sorrow are the only things that are contagious. From one article someone read, to one person in conversation, to someone doing research for more information, to a family, and another group of people, and out into the world.

When we look at an innocent child who is fussing about getting dressed are we lying to them when, as their parent, or guardian, we tell them that they’re okay and all is well?

“It’s okay. You’re okay. We’ll put your shirt on and then you can go play” says a mother to her fussing baby. After only a few moments the baby realizes that their shirt is on and they are okay. They are free to play!

The child always survives getting dressed. No matter how much fussing they do, they do survive. Eventually, the child is able to get dressed with joy because the process of putting their shirt on is no longer an unknown. They know that it doesn’t take long and that it does not take up their entire day.

So, like a child, what are we learning? We are learning to give more gratitude. We are learning to love more. We are learning to dig deeper into our religious practice. We are learning to connect to our Divine Source, the one that created only the bright light of good! We are learning to dig deeper into our art. We are learning to use less. We are learning to slow way down and examine the grip of fear, paranoia, anxiety, and sorrow. We can let it go and learn to trust our Divine Source.

With that, whatever human thing that needs to be made to cure this will be made at the right time. This does not need to be a prolonged thing. Healing is happening EVERYDAY! Therefore I have full confidence that this too shall pass. It can and it will. Our shepherd, our Divine Shepard, will wash us clean of fear, paranoia, anxiety, and sorrow. Trust that. Therefore all bonds of captivity will be released.

We are not defined by anything that is the opposite of good. “God saw everything that he had made and behold it was very good.” That is continuing. Therefore we are in a dream state of separation and chaos. Take a deep breath, Dear World. Listen to your Divine Parent telling you that “You’re okay.”

We are ALL okay!

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