The Unknown

The unknown feels dark and scary. It’s like being blind as you walk down the street. It’s like swimming with no way to come up for air. But as one knowingly decides that their endeavors and passions mean more to them than fear of the dark they can bravely step into the unknown and thrive.

The unknown becomes an office of great craft and concentration. It gives one time to create in a space where there is no judgment or anticipation of that which one makes. Then when all that one can make has been crafted to the best of one’s ability then one must share. One must release it into the world!

However, this new release of one’s work does not mean stop. While the work is pending in the world then sink back into the unknown and practice. Continue to sculpt, tinker, write, evolve, create, pray, and add to the skills acquired as an artist.

Then one day when the work made has become known in the world one can emerge a professional of their craft. Step into the bright light and be grateful of this version of success, but delight in the unknown for all that it taught and all it allows for one to create the best work possible and by all means don’t stop thriving in the unknown! After all, the unknown is where all the magic began and it’s the place where your new work will be crafted. So hunker down and craft on!   

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