Present Friends

Friends become a second pair of eyes. They become an outside set of thoughts and emotions. When my head and heart run away with me and I habitually withdraw from reality, friends bring me back into who I want to be. They remind me how good humanity is and how good I can be.

When I feel perpetually restless and exhausted I lose sight of my needs. Friends help me rein in my scattered mind and restless heart. I find myself again and always recalculate back to self-love. When friends speak they bring a cool, delicious breeze. It cuts through the foggy, dry heat I always sift through.

You’ve been there for me. Let me be there for YOU! My restless heart will be loyal. Don’t be deterred by its restlessness. You, beautiful human, that has willingly chosen to love me, and emanate presence smother my restless longings.

Oh gorgeous presence! It shakes the ego to the core. It’s a strong heart, a clear head, and a grounded being ready to serve. It’s the vulnerable and unconditional need to respond. Presence is the parental instinct, and gut reaction that compels one to move forward for the good of humanity. It’s love of life and the love of human connection.

Oh gorgeous presence! It’s the “willingness to become as a little child”, to give into your playful, innocent heart, and to let go of cluttered thought. Presence is being at home in the Divine Power, and at home in yourself. Presence is raw and therefore so lovely it’s shocking! When friends meet me where you I am without condition, agenda, or ego they are vulnerable. Vulnerability is powerful.  

Dear friends, stay present because that is your true color. Thank you and thank you in advance for burning bright! I love you as you are!

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