Light Befriends the Darkness

Why does Darkness feel so much stronger than Light? Darkness is colorless. Light is so much brighter than Darkness, and yet Darkness feels stronger. Perhaps Darkness seems stronger because it’s so wild. It broods, it’s restless and it loves to thrash.

Darkness thrashes while Light is soft. Light comes into the room gently, like the sun that spills in through the window and tickles your face.  Morning always comes in gracefully while Night just appears.

Light has its intense moments. It can get hot and very bright, but it’s steady and quiet. Darkness is loud and loves to listen to himself, even though he might claim that he’s unhappy, he still loves to listen to himself.

He loves to compete with Light. “Oh yeah! Well look how crazy I can get.”

Thunder cracks like a cannon ball exploding. Lightning shatters the trees. Birds scatter in terror, and rain slaps the ground with such force that even the ground cries. 

“What do you think of that?” Darkness chuckles, “I bet you can’t do that!”

Light takes a breath, “No, I can’t.” It admits, “But that’s okay.”

Light shines gently on the ground, and spreads out to the trees and the sky. The birds flock to their nests and sing praises. The ground smiles and the trees clap their hands.

Darkness is envious of Light and all the happy attention she gets. So Darkness begins to brood. He broods all day, trying not to cry, but eventually he can’t take all the joy that has fluttered about all day. So rain begins to cover the ground, it floods nests, and thunder shakes the trees.

“Why doesn’t anybody like ME?” He roars.

Light softly breaks through the ash colored clouds. She whispers, “Because…” Light slowly caresses one of the clouds, “Sometimes there is more strength in being kind then in gaining attention.”

The thunder subsides. Darkness listens to his friend.

Light comforted a little more. She whispered, “And sometimes vulnerability is more powerful then thrashing, crashing or breaking things.”

The lightning stopped. The birds were still and the trees held their breath.

“And sometimes humility and love are more important then brooding in fear.” Light whispered one last time, “Let us see your authentic self. There’s more to you then the storm.”

The rain ceased and the clouds broke. A sweet breeze glided through the air. Birds tweeted in delight. The ground was beside himself, and the trees danced with great joy!

“Welcome home.” Light said to her friend, “We missed you!”

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