Everyone has pain. But do you define yourself by the pain? Do you carry it with you and let it run your future?

Who would you be if you let pain roll off your back like water? Could you do that? Who would you be if you didn’t harbor or nurture the pain?

What if instead you said it was just some pain, and not “my pain”? Pain doesn’t deserve to be rewarded for its nothingness! What if instead you nurtured good?

You could mother kindness, peace, love, joy, honesty, passion, discipline, strength, soul, and intelligence!

Try it! Find the rainbow inside! Leave out the dark. You understand those colors. It’s time to find red, orange, green, blue, purple, pink, and all the ways those colors sparkle.

Everyone has many colors that they express. We can tap into that rainbow when we choose to define ourselves by the good. Let pain be a teacher, but not a master.

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