Chug Goes the City

The sun rises to a glowing high. The tree tops let their leaves spread out like a cat that loves to sunbathe. One by one cars begin to glide down the street. Off to work they go! A symphony of feet slosh down the sidewalk. Street lights beam their colors like children playing and the city begins to roar.

This is the crawl. This is the morning hustle and the beginning of the nightly slog. Heat fills the air and an intense cold fills our hearts. Chug, chug, push, go, now, fast, move, and chug, chug, chug, until we falter.

It’s mission in life to be collected so to falter is not an option. Heaven forbid we falter. So on we chug and the city continues to roar, and our hearts get colder as we run ourselves into oblivion. The heat in the air gets more intense, but we’re okay because that’s life.

The seasons ease into one another like a breath of air. The sun sets sweetly and shows off the color of the world. But we can’t see the picture of beauty before us because we’re too busy chugging and pushing and running into the ground. We’ve been living to die and so we do.

After all, what else is there in this mortal existence but to die? The city is alive! Mother nature is alive! So why must our dear Earth host zombies and skeletons? Where did balance go? Where did passion run off to? Don’t you miss breathing?

Oh, breathing! In and out. Easy, calm, and natural. Oh, the sensation of a breath and with that comes the healing power of being steady on our feet. Grounded. Then a peace of mind follows this gorgeous grounding, but how will it happen? When will balance return and a need for air be more important than our ego, or our paycheck? The roaring city would like a break! How about you?

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  1. Barbara!
    So grateful you asked me to join. Your descriptive metaphors are so alive
    Surprise ending with yoga breathing ..and such a pithy question in the end.

    More please..

    Yours is the first blog I’ve read

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