Can you see it?
Can you taste it?
Touch it! How does it feel?
What does it smell like?
Joy? Freedom? Success?
How about love?
What about love?
Love, gorgeous, glowing, love!
Sensational love!
Sweet, chocolate love!
Chewy, and soft and loaded with sugar!
Oh, love! Warm, sizzling and on fire!
Smoke trickles under the nose
like lavender scented candles.
Like roses in a garden!
Love that glows like the sun.
Love that's soft as silk.
Love that's sweet like chocolate.
Love that's fragrant like a garden.
But what does it sound like? 
It's different each moment.
Sometimes it sounds like
the tapping of rain on a tin roof.
Sometimes its the roar of
a race car engine.
And sometimes it's silent
like falling snow.
Sometimes it's the gentle sound
of piano keys.
Sometimes it's a symphony
or an orchestra thundering
through a great hall.
Sometimes it sounds like broken glass 
or the crash of symbols.
And sometimes it's like fireworks in the sky.
But sometimes it's like a sweet whisper
in the dark,
or the light humming of one voice.
And sometimes it's the coo
of your own voice.
Sometimes, though, there's no sound.
Only feeling.
Only sight.
Only taste or only smell.
But it'll always be called love!

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