Life Dynamics

What is life but a series of moments strung together? What is life but a collection of situations to learn from? Some moments are ugly, uncomfortable and dripping in flaws. We become unbearably vulnerable and expose all of our edges. It’s dreadful in the moment but needed for our long term evolution. Some moments are bright and carefree. These times rest in between the challenges. It is what keeps us in a relatively sane state while we figure everything else out and wait for the rough waves to pass.

What is life but a long rollercoaster ride? It exposes every emotion we have. Sometimes we holler joyfully, smile big and laugh out loud. Sometimes we scream in terror, grid our teeth in rage, and cry for days. Before we know it we are back riding the highs, looking down on our frustrations with superiority. And then just as we are about to laugh at our bad days, we roll down the spiral of challenging obstacles again.

What is life? Do we really live our lives? Or are we living for someone else? If we are living for someone else, why do we do it?

What is life but to be alive? Shouldn’t we live with everything we have, feeling the wind through our hair and loving every second that our hearts beat? Shouldn’t we find great joy and a sense of purpose that sustains our joy? Is that living?

What is life?

I think each individual must define life for themselves. Each individual must tap into their individuality and embrace it firmly. Their individuality will guide them to answer the tough questions. It’s a matter of choice, heart, and grit. Some chase happiness. Others chase purpose. And others chase passion. Whatever you end up chasing, be sure you don’t stay stuck in times of difficulty. Getting stuck is a sign. It means something isn’t working for you. Don’t run from that. Dig into it. Change it. Chase something else. You can travel in a jagged pattern for a while. That’s okay. Sometimes the journey is full of zigzagging and squiggles before linear moments occur. Just don’t stop chasing good things. Don’t let go of your individuality.

What is life but an on going journey? What is life but a series of moments coupled together to form a person’s world. Take care of it. Take care of yourselves. Keep careful watch over your precious time and take care of each other.

“All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.”

-John Steinbeck

Pause for a moment. Think. What feelings are coming up for you? Do you need to react on those feelings? Will it make the situation better? Is the answer “no”? Then pause again. Think. How are your feelings? Can you work through them in a productive way? Do you need to respond to the situation at this moment? If yes, then take a breath and speak in an even tone. If you don’t need to respond in this moment. Then move on. Collect yourself. Come back tomorrow.

Take care of yourselves. Secure your own oxygen mask before helping others. Take care of each other. Once your oxygen mask is secure please do assist others. If not, there will be no one to walk through this life with you. And what is life without others? What is life but an opportunity to witness how big love can be? Hate, fear, resentment, shame, blame, guilt, lack of transparency and a lack of being vulnerable, these will suffocate us if we let them. Love must be our oxygen. “For Love alone is Life.” And this includes love of one’s self.

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