When You Are Stuck

When you’re stuck it can feel hard to get out of the feeling of being stuck. Sometimes it might feel like you are buried in a big hole and there is no way out of the hole, except to crawl out. This will require climbing and getting very dirty.

Perhaps you might have to live with getting dirt under your fingernails, until you have made your way out of the hole. This may be very uncomfortable for some people.

Or perhaps you might have to be okay with getting dirt on your new shoes. This might be very frustrating for some people.

It is crucial that you move away from those discomforts. They are momentary discomforts and they can be fixed after you have made your way out of the hole.

So how do you move out of the hole if climbing out in strides isn’t working? How do you climb out if you keep falling back into the hole?

Baby steps. Baby steps are very important and many people can remind you that you must take baby steps to get out of any situation or feeling that has you stuck. However, it is definitely easier said than done. I have learned that no one can help you with these baby steps. Everyone can tell you want it takes, but no one can do it for you. So, it becomes up to you to design the strategies that work for you to get unstuck. It is incredibly difficult, but it is not impossible.

So, if you are in a hole and you are slipping and getting dirt all over you. Then you strategize. You take one step that makes you feel secure and safe. You trust that it will be stable enough to take you to another small step in front of you. Then you repeat this until you find yourself out of the hole.

There will always be a hole that we get stuck in. The holes are unavoidable, but what matters is how we get out of them. This is what shows others who we are and potentially how evolved we are. If we climb out ourselves that is great! If we ask for help because we have tried all the strategies we could think of. Then that is also great!

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