Fences and Hurdles

The ego is a tricky thing. The ego is a sneaky thing. The ego can either tell you that you are not good enough or create a sense of arrogance in someone. The ego mixes with society like paint colors. Two colors that create a wet and shiny new color. These two things, the ego and society, mix so well with each other that we don’t know what voice keeps slithering into our consciousness and holding us back from living our lives with abandon. Is it ego? Is it society? Or is it both? It could be both.

We all grow up with certain aspirations, things we love to do and things we want to pursue. Then we start on this path of finding who we are. We venture forth into the great unknown with our head and heart full of aspirations. Many times on this journey we get to a fence and come up against various hurdles.

Some fences that we come up against don’t have a gate, no way to get through to continue on our path. So what do we do? Perhaps this pursuit is not for us. Perhaps we cannot do this. So we feel urged to turn back and face the ugly voices that plague our minds and hearts. We didn’t make it, so we settle into our egos and the sounds of society. But sometimes, if our aspirations are strong enough, we manage to work around the fence. We find a way to build a gate, or we realize the gate was just hidden by branches. These hurdles require more from us. It takes courage to venture out into the great unknown without a rule book and carve our own way. It takes work, lots of work, to find the gates in our fences. It can be scary, but it can also be an exciting adventure if we find the thing that we would do anything for.

With our aspirations glowing inside us, we feel compelled and driven to build our own gates. We find the strength to jump the hurdles. We may have to take a running start, and it may take us twelve thousand tries to get over the hurdles. But that’s how badly we want to see the light on the other side. This resilience is how Divine Spirit made us. We just have to tell our egos to take a back seat. We just have to tune out society and then we must jump. Jump with everything you have. Find time to build the perfect gate or just jump over the fence.

This is the process that is needed to get over the fences and hurdles. If we avoid the fences and hurdles then we must not care much about our aspirations, or even ourselves. If we don’t navigate the fences and hurdles then we have let our egos and the voices of society win. Please don’t let those erroneous, odorous voices win. Your aspirations are needed. Your aspirations are part of your hearts and minds. Therefore, whatever your aspiration is it is an important part of you. You are needed in full, living color. So don’t let the colors of you and your aspirations fade. The world needs your beauty, your courage, your resilience. So take a big breath and jump!

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  1. Yes, Freeing Beauty! This resonates deeply! Thanks for being you and jumping your fences and finding your gates! <3

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