Transition Meditation

Let your stomach drop.

Breathe. Transition is scary, but you are safe.

This is a safe transition because it is good. You are going where there is a need. You are needed.

It’s lovely to be needed. Try not to doubt that you are needed and that you are wanted. Don’t forget you are wanted, too.

Let your stomach drop. Breathe into your gut. Breathe from your gut and allow the breath to move through you as deeply and as much as possible. Allow the breath to whisper to each tense muscle, “Release. Unclench. Let go. You don’t need to hold on so tightly.”

Yeah…but why? I still wonder.

Because you are wanted and needed. Wouldn’t it be so nice to finally accept that? Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to breathe into all you are and then step out into the world permeating authentic confidence?

There are so many people that already think you are great. They think you are kind, thoughtful, loving, responsible, and creative. Where in those qualities is there any room for doubt and embarrassment? Who said you are not enough? Who said you can’t take up space?

You are enough. Let your stomach drop. You can take up space. Breathe. You are wanted. Unclench. You are needed.

Let your stomach drop. Breathe. You are ready. Let go. You are ready to transition and grow into you.

Don’t spend another moment trading your authenticity for approval.

Embrace the space you naturally take up. Become very clear on who you are and who you are becoming that taking up space feels like going on vacation. All tension and expectations dropped at the door, forgotten. Taking up space is being without fear.

Stomach relaxed, shoulders back, and head up. Ready, set…let go.

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