Step one, step two. Piece by piece we put the pieces of our lives together. From the first step the pieces are set in motion. We need each step because each step brings in a new piece to the puzzle of our lives.

Step three, step four. Piece by piece we put the pieces of our lives together. Many of these steps will come with snags or set backs. Some steps may no longer work. So we must pivot to something else. This is why life cannot be easily put together like a puzzle. This is why we are always builders. We are always building our lives.

Life will always be under construction. We, ourselves, will always be under construction. You can try to quit this construction project, and claim that you and your life are perfect. You can say there’s nothing that needs to change. That’s fine. See how far that takes you.

You can even try to walk off the construction site before the job is done. I have tried this many times. I have yelled to the sky and declared I was done. I told my friends on site that I was tired of working to build something that never seemed to be interesting, become different, or more colorful. It just stayed shapeless, and boring. So I declared that I was done and useless.

I even went to my Boss, The Great Architect. I tried to convince her that I was not cut out for this job. I was hopeless and so was the job. This whole construction project called “life” was exhausting, lonely, and I felt I wasn’t needed for it.

“So, I’m walking off this construction site.” I said, “I quit. Forever.”

The Great Architect smiled at me, “Okay. You can go, if you feel you must. However, you will still be my beautiful, creative builder. Whether you are on this construction site or another. Your essence will not change, the work you do will still be work, and your friends will be left with broken hearts.”

This left me with a sinking feeling. I sat with it for a long time, but I still felt useless, hopeless, uninteresting, and very tired. Defiantly I stood in front of The Great Architect and I said, “I’m walking off this construction site! That’s all I’m good for and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. Unless you want to make me into a different, more interesting builder?”

Again, She smiled at me and said, “Your essence cannot change. Nor would I want to change who you are.” She took my hands in Hers, “I created you from the deepest love. From that deep love nothing about you can be wrong or uninteresting.”

I looked at The Great Architect with great disappointment. This response felt silly, and flimsy. I felt stuck in my skin, in fear, and on this Earth, but it seemed I had things to do. I had things I wanted to do and things I needed to do. In great dissatisfaction I said, “Fine. I’ll try again.”

Step one, step two. Piece by piece we put the pieces of our lives together. Like Noah and his arc we must build and build. When the building is done we move to the next step of the project. Sometimes the next step will fall into place as we are working on the previous step. It’s all part of the process of construction. And when this construction project starts to feel too big for you, not worth it, or like you’re trudging through molasses remember who it’s for. It’s for you and The Great Architect. That’s it.

“Take my life, and let it be consecrated, Lord, to Thee. Take my moments and my days. Let them flow in ceaseless praise. Take my hands and let them move. At the impulse of Thy love.” (Christian Science Hymn, 324:1)

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