Growing to Change

She’s making changes. She’s growing up. She’s fighting herself and has only ever fought herself.

The war is beginning to subside. She’s making changes. She’s growing up. It’s taking time. Sometimes she has to take time away to then come back and dig deeper.

Deeper and deeper and deeper she goes, into her own world, only to emerge as a bright ball of light into the world. Do you think you can handle the bursting of her light? Do you think you can handle the explosive power of her light? If not, that’s fine. Neither can she.

That being said, she’s making changes. She has to grow up. It’s time. It’s time to come out of the tightly wound cocoon. It’s time to unhinge herself from the maddening war. It’s time to disengage from the meaningless coasting-through-life phase. It’s time to amplify and step into the hot light. Not to be in the spotlight, but one cannot be authentic if they refuse to accept the light that lives inside them. Living is equal to thriving, as coasting is equal to dying.

The soul needs to engage with the heart. The heart needs to engage with the mind and the mind needs to engage with the body. The body must engage with the soul. It’s a circle of alignment. As this engaging happens then freedom, authenticity can be ignited. Then the light inside is channeled and we are able to be. We are able to live truthfully, thrive beautifully and be without fear, as God intended.

So, she’s making changes. She’s growing up because she has to. It’s time. The war must come to an end. The light inside has been squandered long enough. It has come to her attention that she’s the only one who can turn on the light. So, she’s decided to flip the switch. The light switch moves slowly from it’s dormant state to the “on” position. This will take some time. Thank you for your patience while she works out the kinks. Thank you for living the best you know how while she works out how to ground herself and how to balance the electrical system that lives inside her.

She’s making changes. She’s getting better. She’s afraid to be too much. She’s afraid to be too bright. She knows that those who love her with all their heart want to see how bright she can get. And those that can’t take it shouldn’t keep her down. It’s time to live. She can’t coast anymore. From cannon fire to a sunken ember her light has been all over the map. She’s tired. She feels inauthentic. She hasn’t been true to herself, to her friends, or to the world.

Time to live in balance. One step at a time. Down a rabbit hole of healing she goes. Here she goes…she’ll see you when she sees you.

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