From Spinning to Walking

Spinning in space. Lost in giddy, childlike, all encompassing joy. Lost in your own world, lost in the music, in the fun of it all, and caressed by safety. Life is sweet, innocent, pure, rich and inviting. The possibilities feel endless and you feel full of talent and unafraid of it.

Then at one point you are forced to spin out, and stumble into the big wide world of adulthood. Safety feels fleeting and so does everything else. The elixir of music, and all it brought with it evaporates. Now the floor of life always seems to drop from under you. You are forced to confront reality and it feels like you never seem to stop spinning in space.

But don’t lose heart. Grab hold of the beauty and innocence that can never be lost, and are innate to you.

Fear slithers around you like a slimy snake. Fear hangs around like a toxic friend. It holds your hand and whispers insults in your ear, but it doesn’t have to keep you captive. Take out your little treasures of beauty and innocence. Hold them close to your heart. Remember those childlike moments of joy. Those moments when your heart was beating for the right reasons and your lungs were filled with clean, refreshing life. Then you can calmly put fear at bay and walk on.

Walk on because you can. Walk on because Love lights your path. Walk on because it’s your divine right. Walk on.

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