Negative and Positive Space

When depression, anxiety, discomfort, pain, hate, blame, and all other forms of negativity come to bite it is often hard not to get swept away. One negative feeling takes us to one negative thought, and another, until we become negative space. We lose sight of who we are at our core.

We are NOT negative space. We are NOT darkness. We are positive space. We must accept this and take up the space we occupy.

So how do we do this? How do we allow ourselves to be and take up this positive space while negative space feels so overwhelming?

We must affirm the good, the strengths we have, the positive qualities we have, and the good that’s around us. Find the shred of light in yourself and others. Then nurture it. “I am kind. I am loving. I am glad to be alive.” Take nothing for granted. “I have clean water. I have a place to live. I am important to those who know me.” With these simple positive affirmations we fill our cup. We fill the positive space. The more we do this, the more we feel good about ourselves and can bring that positive space into the world.

Positive space may be difficult to fill and it may be even harder to keep it filled, but it is important work. One ounce of negativity in thought or in the world can turn into a vast amount of negative space. A small amount of darkness will lead to a striping away of so much of the good that is at our core. We cannot be both negative space and positive space. We must choose one and commit to it.

Choose. Make a choice to be overcome by darkness or to let the light into your heart. Make a choice to be negative space, the dark storm cloud that brings everyone down. Or be positive space, a true breath of fresh air that is joyous and brings peace.

By committing to positive space this does not mean that you must smile all the time or that things will go smoothly, but it is about ownership of all the good you have and can share. It is about being in control of your thoughts, your feelings, and allowing others to feel comfortable around you because of your commitment to positive space. This is not a selfish act. This is an act of love for yourself and your fellow human.

To commit to negative space is a selfish act. It is unkind to yourself and your fellow human. But it is a choice and no one can choose for you.

It will always be up to you. Choose wisely.

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