New Year Reflection

“As I began to love myself I stopped craving for a different life, and I could see that everything that surrounded me was inviting me to grow. Today I call it ‘MATURITY.'” Kim McMillien wrote in her poem titled As I Began.

I am grateful for the many ways that my surroundings have invited me to grow. Some have pushed me. Some things have pushed me really hard to the point where I let it knock me down mentally, emotionally, sometimes physically and would accept defeat. As I got closer to accepting my defeat the continuation of life would gently pick me up and I’d find a new invitation that would keep me going and always growing.

I’m grateful for the many friends that have been bright rainbows in my very dark clouds. I feel fortunate to be loved and cared for my so many wonderful people.

I’m grateful for my blog subscribers, my blog viewers, and those that just pop on occasionally (perhaps when I share something specific with them). Thank you! Some of you I’ve known for many years and some of you I’ve never met. I’m grateful to have an audience where my creative musings are viewed to some degree.

I’m very grateful for my parents without them I don’t know where I would be. Sometimes I feel that I’m not able to move at a pace that is pleasing to them, or to be someone super for them, or that I’m not showing enough of something, but let this piece of writing and many others in various places serve as a small token of my deep gratitude for their profound love for me, and their steadfast parenting. In my privileged experience what makes a good parent is one who shows up for their child, takes care of themselves and others, encourages their child’s dreams, tries to stoke the fire of their child’s talent and skills, and allows their child to live as the person they want to be. I’m proud to say I’ve got an amazing mother and father who have done this and more. I think no one needs a perfect parent, but everyone needs a present parent. Thank you Mom and Dad! Your presence is a gift!

I’m very grateful for the current opportunity I have in the new year, while there is still somewhat of a pause in the world to dig into my goals a little more and pursue my dreams as a writer, and performing artist. So with that I will be writing every day on this blog and else where. I don’t know what the blog posts will be as I’ve gotten used to writing only when I feel like it or when I feel inspired, but here’s to embracing the work of the craft.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO drop a comment on what you as the viewers would like to read, sticking with the creative writing, storytelling theme that I’ve got going already. What kind of topics, ideas, or stories would you like to read?

Happy New Year to all! Cheers and may this year be an invitation for all of us to grow together in love, peace, and joy!

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