For God

Dear God,

I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting You

and disbelieving of many things.

I’m sorry that

I didn’t believe that

I’m whole, complete,

and one hundred percent enough

just as You made me.

Dear God,

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I let

fear and shame,

and embarrassment,

and anger rule

my world.

I’m sorry I let

negativity rule my life.

I’m sorry I got angry with gratitude

and I hated gratitude.

I’m sorry I got angry with myself

for just being me.

I’m sorry I was sad, and disapointed to be


I’m sorry that I’ve wished to be a different person

everyday since I was 11 years old.

Dear God,

I’m sorry

that I’ve been ungrateful

to take a breath

and breathe in all

the beauty you have made.

I’ve been unable to breathe in

Freeing Beauty

and to allow her innate potential

to blossom.

I’m sorry I never believed she had

an abundance of potential

and every second I squashed it.

I’m sorry I made friends with

the devil.

I’m sorry my demons made more sense

than any ounce of light You might

have given me.

Dear God,

I’m sorry I said “might”.

I’m sorry I still side with fear.

I’m sorry love feels so hard

to hold on to.

I’m sorry I’ve fought with You

and blocked You out for so long.

I’m sorry I’ve forgotten

and have never felt

like the little girl

that used to spread her arms out

with joy

and say “God is eberywhere!”

I’m sorry I feel that

I’ve lost that little girl.

I’m sorry I fought with the idea

that You are everywhere.

I’m sorry I’ve contradicted




many things.

Dear God,

I know You are my source.

I know You are my origin and

that You could never make a mistake.

I’m working on feeling it

in my heart

and my soul

with no room for fear of any kind.

My mind knows that You are Love.

My mind knows that You did not make a mistake

when you created me,

your daughter.

My mind knows

many of the fundamentals

that I was taught in Sunday School

at Church, but

my mind doesn’t totally get it

and my heart and soul don’t feel them.

Dear God,

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for being a constant,

unmovable presence in the world.

I’m working on coming back to you

with my whole heart,

and my whole soul,

and a clear mind.

I’m learning to love

the daughter you made

without judgment

so that I can love the world

with an abundance of trusted


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