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Ignited Souls

What if we all lived our lives out loud?

My heart erupts like a volcano with colors of emotion. If only you could see it. My mind consumes all open space like a tsunami. If only you could see it. My soul screams at me, “JUST LET GO!”

If only you knew the pressure cooker that has churned into existence from the collision of my explosive heart, my flooded mind, and my screaming soul. If only you knew how much I’m like you and yet how much I want to be me!

What if fear was the size of a speck of dirt?

Oh, the things we could do! Oh, the things we could create! Imagine the lives we could live. Imagine how much we could live, truly live. Our explosive hearts would be unencumbered and free to be what they naturally are, hearts that beat and pump life into humanity. Our minds could be so rested and dream up beautiful things, as God intended. Our souls, our souls could stretch and bend, and take a full breath. Our souls could listen to the Universe and guide the heart and mind to live as God intended.

We are all rainbows of expression. We are limitless beings and we are beautiful because of this.

It is written in Genesis 1:31,”God saw everything the he had made, and, behold, it was very good.”

This is who we are. We are very good. Though our hearts sometimes beat off-kilter and our minds tingle with busy thoughts this does not define us. Goodness is at our core. Our foundation is the good beauty that the Universe made and it begs to be free every day.

We are our own jail cells, and the prison guards that keep us shackled and behind bars. There’s a glimmer of light under the surface. There’s a soft kindling fire from our soul that longs to be ignited.

What if we lived our lives out loud? What if we set our souls free? Imagine the world that would be if we all lived with open, ignited souls.

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