The Peter Pan Conundrum

The Peter Pan Conundrum is the greatest game every played!

It forces every child player to choose. Do they stay a child forever? Or do they face their shadow to claim their independence, and move into adulthood?

This game will have many twists and turns. It’s an obstacle course that keeps on going.

It has several rites of passage, or Levels that everyone must go through in order to claim the prize of independence or resist trying.

As the game continues players will be forced into more complicated levels. When child players have managed to progress to High School World the game will get harder. The pressure will escalate. You must let this happen.

By High School child players split into teams. These are categories that will identify their deepest desire in this game.

Team Grown Up: The group of players that are eager and chomping at the bit to enter the next several Levels and claim their independence.

Team Peter Pan: The group of players that are scared to grow up, and/or content with where they are. Therefore they have no interest in claiming their independence.

The enemies for both teams are the other players. Those that are on the opposite Team and those that are on their Team. The sworn enemy for all child players, however, will be Time.

Team Grown Up will try desperately to push through and race against Time. While Team Peter Pan will try desperately to release the hand of Time, get away from the enemy, and put the breaks on as hard as they can. Both teams will fight hard to defeat their sworn enemy. It’s every one for themself and the Levels begin on the count of “GO”! No time to think. No time to discuss. Time will be 10 steps in front of them, while also biting at their heels. Do not be alarmed. This is part of the game.

Level Sixteen: The Driver’s Permit Test

This is the biggest level in High School World one must complete. It will mark the end of adolescence and the beginning of adulthood. It will bring participants further to claiming the prize of independence.

Some will go into this test shaking with nervousness. They have decided to take this step, but they are unsure if they can pass, and then unsure if they can handle the responsibility that comes if they do pass. Most of these participates will be part of Team Peter Pan. They will understand the responsibility that comes with the prize of independence. There will be some level of doubt in their minds if they can handle it. They would like to have a moment to breathe and process, but their sworn enemy of Time moves these participants along with a forceful hand. No time to breathe, no time to process, and nowhere to go but forward. So they will most likely be white-knuckling their way through this level. You must allow this to happen.

Those that are part of Team Grown Up will leap into this test in anticipation of passing. There may be some nerves, but overall they will feel confident to take on this next Level. Some will be chomping at the bit to take this test and feel free. They will be overcome with excitement and eager to show the other players that they are ready to win this prize of independence. They will be so eager to feel a sense of freedom from the enemy of Time. They will show signs and claim that they feel held back from where they think they should be, and they will blame others for this disappointment. It is only Time doing its job. Do not let them sway you. They will be so eager to taste their fantasized idea of freedom that it will become the dessert that’s out of their reach. The prize of independence will look so good on its pedestal that they will salivate and crave it. Their life will be made if they can just touch the edge of this bright, and glowing prize that feels so far away. You must carefully negotiate with them. Time will do the rest.

Some players will manage to make peace with Time. They will see Time as a friend and not an enemy. These players will not be part of any group, or category. They are not eager to grow up, nor are they afraid of it. They have an understanding with Time. This understanding allows them to go forward peacefully, and without emotion. These players will head into Level Sixteen with poise. They understand they are where they need to be. So they go and they do and they are not phased if they win or lose. They are not overcome with emotion if they pass or fail. However, these child players are not exempt from the hardships of this game. It will affect them just as much as the others. You must allow this to happen.

Each player is required to move through the Levels, the rites of passage, and each World on their own. No player can support or help the other. Perhaps they may lend some brief encouragement, but every player must stay in their lane. This will be a Quest for their soul. They must listen to their soul and make friends with Time. While there will be competition between players it is only for show. The true competition is with Time. Each player will have their own series of battles with Time. You must let this happen.

It will be a long road for every player. This game will take a tremendous amount of strength, courage, wit, heart, and mental prowess. The more Time gets pushed or pulled it will push and pull twice as hard.

No parent can protect their child players from this game. You had to learn on your own so you must allow your children to do the same. Thank you for reading and complying with the documentation. This concludes the tutorial.

Parents, please take your seats.

Children, prepare for battle. It’s time to play The Peter Pan Conundrum.

Ready? No? Too bad. GO!

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