A Message From The Body

“Stop screaming at me and give me some air!” Says the body, “LET ME BREATHE…please. Stop yelling at me, and getting angry with me. I did NOTHING to you! I’m not sick. I’m not dying. I’m actually just trying to live, but you’re suffocating me! I want to work for you, but I can’t if you keep shutting me down. I can’t do anything if you don’t give me some fuel. Please help me and I can help you.”

Though humans have fickle pallets and tense minds they can endure a lot. Humans can withstand a great deal of stress, and turmoil. Humans are masters at pushing through the stress, reshaping the negative situation to one that is more palatable, and requires a great deal of resilience. However, at some point the high levels of stress and the desire to push through breaks the human. Everyone jumps into help or the human seeks out help. Then opinions from peers are tossed out from every direction. Strong ideas fall from the sky like rain. The human then endures the storm of civilian culture. Though they feel broken they continue to try to push. Parts of the body are forced, the mind bends and breaks constantly, emotions scatter like wild fire, and somehow the human’s world (begrudgingly) continues. The human is constantly in search of an answer for peace. Though they may find a temporary fix it wears off and the human is left unsatisfied. That thing didn’t fix, or resolve what they thought they needed. Their overwhelming thirst for profound peace has been left unquenched. However, they pretend they don’t need that drink. They do what they can to get through, and pretend they’re okay. Meanwhile the soul of the human sits in the dark nursing its open wounds inefficiently.

“You don’t need to shout.” Divine Inspiration says softly, “Breathe. You are safe. Let me embrace you. Let me hold you and share with you the deep love I have for you. If I didn’t love you I would not have made you so strong. I have made you a sensitive being so that you can experience life in it’s full capacity! Your sensitivity is not a weakness. You are my deeply loved idea. Therefore I have created you to feel vibrantly and think vividly. If I didn’t love you I would have never thought of you, and would have never brought you into the world. I have not forgotten you. Unfortunately, you’ve forgotten about me and you’ve been drowning in your own suffering. It’s time to stop.

I will be here for you. I have always been here for you, but you can’t see me because you’ve been screaming so loud it has blinded you from seeing the subtle, but tangible ways I’ve been here for. I have always been speaking to you, but you can’t hear me because you’ve shut your eyes and run the other direction. I have given you so many signs that I love you. I have sent you options for nourishment, movement, creativity, peace, rest, love, joy, and balance. You have pushed all of them away. I will continue to love you. You can run away as long as you need to. You can push me, yell at me, fight with everything I put in front of you, and continue in your suffering. I will still love you. I will not be moved. I know who you are, and I have a wonderful plan for you. Allow me to embrace you and the wonderful plan that I have for you will be set in motion. If you get off track I will still love you. I will put you back on track. No detour will change how I see you, my precious idea. However, you must make a choice. Run away, suffer and follow your own path. Or let me embrace you in my wonderful plan. No matter what you choose I will love you, but you must make a choice. Commit to that choice. I’ll be here when you’re ready.”

“Okay, I’m ready to be quiet” says the mind to the body.

“Okay, I’m ready to listen” says the heart to the body.

“Thank you!” says the body, “I’ve been ready to breathe for a long time! I’ve been needing sustenance for a long time. I think you know that. Thank you for finally paying attention to me. I’ve needed you, just as much as you need me. Freeing Beauty needs us to work together as a team, so she can free beauty, and work with her Maker. However, she’s been in a cage for years. It’s time to work together to open that cage. Divine Love requires us to work together as a team because we are whole. Freeing Beauty is whole. We must demonstrate this wholeness. Thank you for your cooperation!”

Freeing Beauty takes a breath. Her wings have been poised for a while. Through many discoveries her wings have been getting stronger. Like a race horse in the starting gate she’s been waiting to fly. As I’ve been putting the pieces together I’ve been able to feel Freeing Beauty come to life a little more each year. Her wings are made of many colorful patches of self-discovery, and observance of the world around her. Her heart and soul are fueled by the fait guidance of Divine Inspiration. Divine Inspiration whispers to the soul. The heart has struggled for many years. The mind and body had been in-prisoned by the heart and because of this Freeing Beauty was lost in the dark. Caged in the locked starting gate. Divine Inspiration’s whispers kept Freeing Beauty glowing like an ember, but her wings did not have anything to sail on. Now, the heart has become a grounded tether for the mind and body. As the heart wraps itself around what it holds the body is able to find the air it’s been lacking. As air enters the body more the mind is able to find the peace it’s been yearning for. Freeing Beauty is gradually preparing to fly. Instead of holding my breath in anticipation I’m learning to let the stomach drop, so that Freeing Beauty can have the air she needs to fly.

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  1. This work is so vital. Thank you for doing it aloud. What you have written hear rings true in my experience. We must have each of the three intelligence centers work together as one. Well in, love!

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