Alignment Gives Us Wings

“Red Bull gives you wings!” Someone chimes at the end of each Red Bull advertisement, as some cartoon person sprouts wings, and flies away in delight.

However amusing those commercials might be I bet the energy from Red Bull, or any energy drink doesn’t give one enough energy to feel like they can fly through their day with joy, but what does give a person wings?

Alignment. This alignment is the profound exploration and execution of mental, physical, and emotional peace. By doing this work for ourselves we find a pure, unshakeable wholeness that allows us to be grounded in ourselves, in our lives, and be present in the world for others. This leads us to tap into a world of good. It brings us closer to The Divine.

The world inside us and around us will make much more sense when we align ourselves. This is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others. It is a finely woven combination of self-love, self-care, and self-discipline that makes this gift of alignment so rich. When we can fine tune this combination of love, care, and discipline for ourselves that’s when the gift of alignment really starts to work.

We feel comfortable taking up space in our own bodies, therefore we feel confident taking up space in the world. We feel mentally calm and agile. We can harness our emotion and not let it steam roll us. We are present and others feel graced by our presence, rather than feeling like they must walk on egg shells around us. Alignment gives us wings!

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