Embrace the Dirt

Sometimes you have to go through the dirt to appreciate and really feel a sense of growth, progress, and ultimate grounding.

Like a football player grabbing his opponent by the shoulder pads, and staring him in the face with sweat dripping down his cheek. That’s what we have to do with fear and discomfort. We must embrace the grind. We have to love the grueling but crucial moment-to-moment work.

Baby steps. The little things sometimes require all of ourselves. Every ounce of our being is called upon when we need to take a step in a positive direction.

Fear not. The results and big picture come into view here. So while baby steps may be painful they will pay off tomorrow, next month, and for years to come. Just don’t stop.

Breathe through it. Hydrate your being. Turn off the fucking monkey mind, the chatter polluting your head. Allow your heart to act as a referee to the mind and body. Emotion will find balance this way and everything will be practicing alignment together.

With this alignment you are armed and ready to head out to the battle ground and embrace the grind. So get your gear in order by getting down in the mud and embracing the mess of the dirt.

Published by fosteringcreation

I'm a writer, performer, and creative person. This is my official blog, and I hope that it inspires others!

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