Releasing Fear

As fear releases my palate for life expands.

As anguish fades my horizons broaden.

As tension falls away breath enters in and my eyes open.

As shame becomes extinguished love grows and glows like a bright light.

As depression disappears joy emerges softly.

As anxiety is maintained and diminishes then peace is free to enter.

As pride crumbles humility builds a new foundation.

As self-destruction decomposes self-acceptance takes its place.

As nervousness wears off presence shows up.

As doubt flees confidence is ignited.

As distrust of myself and of my Source shatters trust and security create a new mirror.

As insecurity and belittlement break away strength gracefully takes center stage.

As fear releases my palate for life expands.

Published by fosteringcreation

I'm a writer, performer, and creative person. This is my official blog, and I hope that it inspires others!

2 thoughts on “Releasing Fear

    1. Barbara,
      To imagine those possibilities, and have your heart find the graceful and truthful words of struggle and dawning β€” it’s quite stunning
      Love you
      Given Peace

      Liked by 2 people

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