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The Incubator Time

Rough hands, a quiet world, a mind that once refused to change, and a heart turned from putty to a resilient polished stone.

Take care of your hands, just like you’ve taken care of your heart. The mind is learning to be flexible, which allows for self-care, of all kinds, to blossom. As self-care blossoms then self-love can flourish. Isn’t that beautiful? Isn’t it natural? It’s natural to grow and learn to love who we are. It’s natural to find peace in ourselves and our lives.

The amount of time of this journey doesn’t matter, as long as we keep moving. There is no definitive destination one has to reach. The peace that one finds in themselves can grow into more peace. The love one finds in themselves can flow from an ego sense of love to a diviner sense of love. A love that is wholesome, not needing attention, and profoundly understood in why it exists.

There may be off days, hard days, moments of disappointment, and times so trying that one comes close to giving up, but because one loves and understands their existence this allows for a quick recovery from whatever might be testing them. This is the outcome of the heart turned from putty to a resilient polished stone.

This new heart coupled with the new flexible mind is the outcome of our present time. Fear not. This is good. We are in the time of the incubator. Divine Love has us wrapped in warm, and quiet solitude. She cares for us as we learn to go about our day in a different way. Divine Love won’t let us fall, or stumble. She loves us like a mother loves her dear baby, as they learn how to walk and so she guides us. As we clumsily put one foot in front of the other, Divine Love smiles and stands behind us ready to catch us. No time is spent on the ground because Divine Love imminently hoists us on our feet again. The fear of the unknown is momentary because Divine Love has given us one mission and that is to TRY, to try, to learn until we can do it! So we must do it because there is no other option.

In this time of the incubator there’s nothing really to “get through”. There’s just the present moment full of so much growth, and learning. There’s only the current moment full of joy, and triumph, and progress, and new discoveries. We are in our right place. The human mind may convince us that this is not what is supposed to happen, but since we have no choice, eventually we get used to our circumstances.

We will be better for this. It’s not what we wanted and sometimes we may wish it could go away, but we are not locked in forever. We are not locked in right now. We can go out for a walk and see spring thriving! We can sing a song, or play music, or work on an old project. We can try something new. We can see our family more, or relish in an unfamiliar silence, or dance with vigorous freedom. We can notice how effortlessly the birds sing. We can admire the brilliance of the sun through our window. We can delight in the sensation of our feet on the ground, the breath in our lungs and how it glides out as we exhale. We are not stuck in an incubator. We are not trapped in our beautiful homes, or the temporary room we currently live in. We are alive, and living. We are learning that this, to be alive, is enough.

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