Your Fire

Show up with all the fire you can muster. Don’t let it die out. Allow the fire to shine through in everything you do.

When people see you they should see light in your eyes, joy in your smile, and a groundedness that lets love radiate.

This fire will show up in different ways. Sometimes it’ll be a gentle glow. Other times it’ll burn bright like the sun, with a steadfast confidence. No one can extinguish your fire.

The heat that your fire emits is love, passion, and gratitude. There should be so much swirling heat that the ice of fear should melt under every step.

Your fire is the picture of your unique grace and the beauty of you! Enjoy it! Embrace it! Be grateful for it. Allow it to breathe. Relish in it! Bask in it! Learn from it. Be humbled by it. The book of Psalms tells us, “Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.” So show up with all the fire you can muster!

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2 thoughts on “Your Fire

  1. Love your Psalms reference- and nothing shall offend them. Reminds me of how important 4’sare in this world!

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