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Old Story 2

This story was one that I wrote in high school and was based off of the picture attached. I’ve recently made a few edits, but it’s one of the few stories I’m proud of. Happy to share with whoever reads this blog! Enjoy!

The Bird in the Attic

It was springtime and the breeze was blowing, but the people who lived in this stuffy, old apartment couldn’t tell how beautiful it was outside because the windows were always shut tight. I was just a bird living in the attic on wallpaper, staring out the window, and dreaming of the day when I could fly like a real bird. I wanted so much to see the world and be free because I knew there was more to me than sticking to wallpaper. I had a purpose in life to fulfill and this was not it.

Life on the wall felt like a waste. I remember getting so excited every time someone would walk into the room. My heart would start pounding and I wanted to scream, “Hey, over here. Open the window!” I would come to life every time a person was present, but when they would leave, and the window was still shut tight, my heart would sink. I yearned to feel the breeze just once, but I never did.

Then one day the family who lived with me was going to leave for spring break. They were going to be out of the house for two weeks.

One of the members of the family who lived with me was a young girl named Scarlet Freeburg and she loved me dearly. She was the only one who knew I was alive and the only one who knew the truth about who I was.

Just before the family left on vacation Scarlet got her father, Mr. Freeburg, to go up to the attic. Scarlet walked to the window and stood next to it in protest.

            “Why did you bring me up here, honey? We have to go” Mr. Freeburg insisted.

            Scarlet said, “Open the window, please Daddy. The white birds need to have air.”

            “What white birds?” Mr. Freeburg asked as he looked around the room.

            “The ones on the wall!” Scarlet insisted.

After a few moments of resistance from Mr. Freeburg he was finally convinced and he opened the window. I was free to do as I pleased. I couldn’t believe it. My heart fluttered faster than ever. I could feel the cool breeze flooding into the room. I felt more alive than I ever had. Suddenly my wings pealed off of the wall and my body followed. I was flying! I was so happy that I was laughing inside. This was the greatest day of my life. “Finally, finally, finally” I chirped as I flapped my wings!

I flew out the window as fast as I could. I thought about how Scarlet must have known how badly I wanted my freedom. She knew that I needed a chance to learn how to spread my wings and fly, as every bird deserves.

 I traveled the world over the course of those two weeks. I went from New York to Connecticut. Then I went from Connecticut to Massachusetts, to Maine.  I went to the Midwest and flew through open fields of grass and blue skies that lasted for miles.

Then I went to California, Oregon, and Washington. The sunny streets of California were so inviting and fun. I wanted to stay there.

In Washington the White House was so big. I admired its elegance. I hoped to be that elegant one-day. I noticed how many people there were in the world and everyone trying to get everywhere. I noticed all the cars that flooded the streets every day, the honking and the fast paced atmosphere. It was intriguing how no one really wanted to slow down.

Then I flew across the Atlantic Ocean and traveled to Europe. It was amazing! I couldn’t believe that I was flying free. I visited London, Germany, and France. I got to stand on top of the Swiss Alps. I felt the breeze run through my feathers as I stood on top of the Alps. I looked across the mountain range and felt strong. Then I flew to Italy and swam in the beautiful waters of Lake Garda. The water was as blue as the sky. I felt a chill run through my whole body. It felt so good to get wet. I was having so much fun that I forgot I had a home.

I realized that even though I was a bird, and I should be as free as one. I actually had a purpose where I was before and that purpose was to make people happy being on the wall. As long as I was happy where I was, then people would feel that joy and peace I had, and be that way too. Also, I didn’t want to worry my dear Scarlet. If I was not home, on the wall, when the Freeburgs got home then I would be in trouble and would have abused my privileges as part of the Freeburg family. I decided it was time to go.

I flew and soared through the skies one last time, across the Atlantic Ocean, and back to my little attic home. My wings gently pasted themselves to the wall and I eased back onto the wallpaper. I felt invigorated and at peace at the same time. I took a breath and let myself sink further into the wall than I ever had been. I felt happy and grateful.

I heard the door slam downstairs. There was shuffling of things and footsteps clomping up the stairs. Mr. Freeburg came into the attic and Scarlet was following close behind. Mr. Freeburg stopped in the middle of the room. It was silent. Then Scarlet looked at her father.

            “What is it Daddy?” She asked.

            He smiled softly, “I’m glad we left the window open. The room feels fresh and not quite as gloomy, but now that we are home I’m going to close it. I pay good money for our air-conditioning and I don’t want to waste it.”

I watched as Mr. Freeburg closed the window and then walked to the stairs. He called for Scarlet to come with him. Scarlet turned, looked at me, and we took a big breath together. Her eyes gleamed with pride and she smiled as she took her father’s hand. My adventure was over, but I will never forget it all began when someone left the window open.    

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